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Old Time Roots With a Fresh and Fun Spin

At our pharmacy, once you've gotten your prescription filled, come take a look at our beautiful gift shop and Soda Fountain with delicious fresh sandwiches, pizza and ice cream!


Monday - Saturday 11 am - 10 pm

                                         Call us at  435-644-3401

Delicious Food

Ready for a fresh sandwich or salad? Maybe you're in the mood for a panini that will make you melt. Or perhaps you're in the mood for some authentic Italian pizza! Either way, you've found the right place! With the best soup in town and wraps that are favorites for hikers to slip in their packs for the day, we are sure to have something for everyone to fill their bellies with. With an eye on quality and another on service we strive to make this a meal you'll want to repeat.

Sweet Treats

Stop by for a variety of treats to delight your eyes and taste buds. You'll find treats like fresh baked cookies and original sundae creations, as well as your old fashioned favorites like malts and ice cream sodas. Don't get along with dairy? Is gluten your mortal enemy? Is vegan your mantra? Don't feel left out, we have you covered too! With many 'ice cream' flavors to choose from as well as toppings, you're still part of the fun club here.

The Ultimate Series

The Ultimate Series is finally here!

This collection of specialty sundaes is our signature series of the fanciest, most intense collection of ice cream with tons of toppings on top of a milkshake with flavor drizzles built in ever! You can't rightfully say you've seen Kanab until you've had one of these!

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